Who Should Join ASPL?

Are you a pharmacist, an attorney, a policy maker, a regulator, a manager, expert witness/consultant, or a student pharmacist or student lawyer who is interested in the legal issues involving drugs, dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, medical devices, and/or the practice of pharmacy or law with clients affected by these issues? Then you should become a member of the American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL).  JOIN NOW!

Member Benefits

Rx Ipsa Loquitur & Pharma-Law News
Monthly electronic newsletter focusing on trends in pharmacy law, reviewing cases, legislation, and regulations impacting pharmacy.

Access to ASPL.org Members Center
Area of the ASPL website with the latest news, information and resources in Pharmacy Law.


Discounted Rates for Continuing Education
Annual Seminar - for over 30 years, ASPL has held the Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar.  This networking event offers 15 law and pharmacy continuing education hours to attendees.  ASPL members receive a discounted rate to attend.  Speakers at the Seminar include experts from federal and state agencies, company compliance departments, the legal and pharmacy industries, and academia who present current, relevant, practical information.

Webinars - ASPL provides live and on-demand webinars to those in the field of pharmacy law.  ASPL members receive a discounted rate to attend.  

Referral Services
ASPL members are able to join the Attorney-Referral Service and Expert Witness Service available to the public through the ASPL website.

Pharmacy Law Educators
Organizations for professors of Pharmacy Law.  ASPL dedicates sessions at the Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar to new and experienced teachers of Pharmacy Law.  Members gain access to key ASPL resources, such as the Educator Database, and the opportunity to network with other professors of Pharmacy Law from across the country.

Past Presentations & Newsletters
In the Members Center of the ASPL website, members have access to presentations from past Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminars, as well as past issues of the monthly newsletters.

Member Directory
ASPL members have access to a listing of the organization's membership directory through the ASPL website.

Join a Committee
ASPL Members are able to join a variety of committees which help plan the continuing education offerings, guide the organization, and revamp/expand member services. Visit the committees page for a full list!



Classification & Description (membership is January 1 through December 31 of each year)

  • Member: A person holding degrees in both pharmacy and law; pharmacy or law; or who has in interest in pharmacy law.
  • Student: A person currently enrolled at an accredited institution as a candidate for a degree in pharmacy or law.
  • Retired: A person holding a degree in either pharmacy or law or both, or has an interest in Pharmacy Law, who has retired from full-time employment.


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