2019 ASPL Committees and Objectives

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Sponsorship Committee

This committee works with the Board of Directors to maintain the fiscal strength and integrity of ASPL by managing and coordinating fundraising for ASPL including conference sponsorships and honoraria for designated awards presented by ASPL.

Michael Ghobrial, Co-Chair

Nick Gonzales, Co-Chair
Joe McHale
Jerry Moore
Elizabeth O'Keeffe
Edward Rickert
Lee Rosebush
Coleen Schoch

1. Obtain funds for sponsorship of ASPL Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXVIV in the amount of $65,000.
2. In order to reach the goal in number 1, obtain six new sponsors for the Seminar.
3. Review benefits of sponsorship at each level for ASPL and other similar organizations.  Provide Board with recommendations that align ASPL with similar organizations.
4. Obtain funding for the Larry M. Simonsmeier Writing Award. 


Program and Education Committee

This committee has three subcommittees each with their specific charges.

Education Subcommittee:
This Subcommittee plans the educational content of ASPL conferences in close coordination with the other sub-committees.  Committee reviews proposed submissions and selects final presentations.  Committee may also recommends topics and recruit faculty.  Committee works with staff to assure faculty meets ASPL submission and CPE/CLE requirements.

Shannon Panther, Co-Chair
Archita Patel, Co-Chair
Leah Bailey
Don Bell
Nicole Burgmeier
Mary Jo Carden
Joseph Fielder
Nick Gonzales
Kim Grinston
Brian Guthrie
Lori Hensic
Rick Irby
Julie Letwat
Eileen Lewinski
Debbie Mack
Justin Macy
Jennifer Mallon
Steffanie Mathewson
Natalia Mazina
Michael Moné
Todd Nova
Anne O'Brien
Sweta Patel
Marina Plotkin
Rodney Richmond
Mike Simko
William Stilling
Jonathan Swichar
Shannon Woods
Gregory Yen

1.Plan educational programming for ASPL Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXX in 2019. 
2.Plan educational programming for pharmacy law track for the annual APhA meeting in 2020. 
3.Plan educational programming for any other conferences in which ASPL may participate.
4.Ensure that all educational programming complies with continuing education requirements as identified by CE providers.
5. Review the new electronic system implemented for educational programming in 2018 and the use of the app at the meeting and make recommendations for improvements.
6. Review and update presentation guidelines to include with the request for submissions and again with materials provided to the speakers selected for the seminar.  Guidelines should include recommendations for the number speakers per session, number of slides, appearance of slides (avoid complex diagrams, dense text, etc.), amount of time to leave for questions, etc.  The committee should consider new techniques that may be used to deliver content in an interactive manner.
7. Identify potential new ways to reach ASPL members and others on programming offered by ASPL.  This content might include an evergreen webinar or a video that provides useful information on current topics related to law and policy. 
8. Creation of webinar topics & selection of speakers for 6 ASPL webinars.

Pharmacy Law Educators Subcommittee:

This subcommittee plans the educational content of the Pharmacy Law Educators portion of ASPL conferences in close coordination with the other subcommittees and staff.  It recommends topics and recruits faculty.  Committee works with Staff to assure faculty meets ASPL submission and CPE/CLE requirements.

John Jones, Co-Chair
Ettie Rosenberg, Co-Chair
Jennifer Adams
Brian Gallagher
Christopher Jadoch
Geoffrey Mospan
Rodney Richmond
Tera Lynn Rule

Robert Stein

1. Plan, recruit and oversee the presentation of the Pharmacy-Law Educators session at the Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXX. 
2. Maintain a list of each person who teaches pharmacy law in every U.S. school of pharmacy. 
3. Review ASPL survey results and review of ACPE and other professional reports and recommendations, develop model outline and style recommendations for teaching pharmacy law and ethics for use by ASPL members who teach pharmacy law, particularly new teachers of pharmacy law. Ensure that outline includes current ideas for learning.

Scholarship Subcommittee:

This subcommittee coordinates the review and selection of recipients of ASPL’s various awards programs.

Jerry Muscheno, Co-Chair
Tera Lynne Rule, Co-Chair
Dick Abood
David Bobb
Frank Palumbo
William Stilling

1.Review manner in which the opportunity to apply for the Larry M. Simonsmeier Writing Award and the Fink Family Scholarship are communicated.  Recommend ways to increase the reach of communication (e.g. send to law schools).
2.Document Committee’s communication and selection process as a resource for future use.
3.Select recipient for Larry M. Simonsmeier Writing Award to be awarded at the Annual Meeting/Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXX.
4.Select recipient for 2019 Fink Family Scholarship to be awarded at the Annual Meeting/Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXX.
5.Select recipient for 2019 Fink Award to be awarded at the Annual Meeting/Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXX.

6. Oversee the Pharmacy Law Research Fellow Program with ASPL’s designee.

Communications, Member Relations and Marketing Committee

This committee oversees ASPL’s publications, website, membership marketing, member services and outreach to other organizations.

Marty Dix, Co-Chair
Mike Simko, Co-Chair
Ronald Friedman
Blake Griese
Natalia Mazine
Allison Muller
Kevin Nicholson
Archita Patel
Monet Stanford

1. Review and propose updates to membership brochure and ASPL website as needed.
2. Assist editor with RX Ipsa Loquitur and Pharma Law E-News by identifying potential articles/topics.
3. Review marketing plan to increase membership by identifying new groups of attorneys and pharmacists for recruitment (e.g., in-house compliance officers, enforcement attorneys such as assistant attorneys general, teachers of pharmacy law).
4. Review current member services to assess their value.
5. Identify potential new member service(s) to increase understanding and engagement of pharmacy law and practice.
6. Coordinate outreach efforts to establish positive relationships with similar organizations.


Finance and Audit Committee

This committee oversees ASPL’s financial filing requirements and proposes financial policies as needed.

Charles Hartig, Chair
James Boyd
Laura Carpenter
Denise Grank

1. Insure 2018 audit is completed in a timely manner.
2. Insure 990 Taxes are filed in a timely manner.
3. Propose financial reserve and investment policies as needed.