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April 28, 2021                    12:00 pm Central Time
Drug Counterfeiting Trade in America
Join the Partnership for Safe Medicines Executive Director, Shabbir Safdar, for a discussion on the drug counterfeiting trade in America. Comprised of more than 45 non-profit organizations, The Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) is a public health group committed to the safety of prescription drugs and protecting consumers against counterfeit, substandard or otherwise unsafe medicines.

PSM follows a set of principles to support quality assurance programs and establish a drug distribution system that is without compromise. It is our hope that through these guidelines we can reduce the number of counterfeit drugs that defraud patients and deny them therapies that can alleviate suffering and save lives. Our principles include:

  • Unifying the fight against counterfeit drugs
  • Securing and protecting the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Regulation of online sellers

Our members are dedicated to protecting the safety of American consumers by curbing the manufacturing and sale of dangerous counterfeit drugs. Our goal is for all consumers to be aware that counterfeit medicines do exist, they are not safe and together we can take action to avoid them.

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