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  • Is it legal for patients to have their prescriptions filled by a foreign pharmacy?
  • Can a pharmacist be criminally liable for making a medication error?
  • Where can I find an attorney who can represent me in a board of pharmacy matter or a pharmacy malpractice lawsuit?

These are just some of the many questions that require the expertise of someone with knowledge of both pharmacy and the law. The ASPL Attorney Referral Service allows interested parties to connect with a lawyer who is an expert in Pharmacy Law.

Practice Areas

The Attorney Referral Service has five (5) practice areas

  • Plaintiff's Counsel
  • Defense Counsel
  • Pharmacy Board Counsel
  • Food & Drug Counsel
  • Other Pharmacy Issues

Attorney Referral Service Fees

Search Fee: There is no fee for using the referral service to locate an attorney.

Listing Fee: There is a $100 fee for attorneys who wish to be listed on the Attorney Referral Service. The listing fee is per person/per state. Each additional state is $100.

Eligibility of Participating Lawyers

Attorney must be admitted to the bar and in good standing in each state in which he/she is listed on the Attorney Referral Service. Attorney also must be a member of the American Society for Pharmacy Law.

Attorney Referral Service Procedures

Individual Attorneys are responsible for adhering to the rules of Professional Responsibility including any and all advertising requirements.

How Do I Join the Attorney Referral Service?

The Attorney Referral Service Listing Fee is $100 per state per year. The initial listing fee covers one attorney/one state/up to five (5) Practice Areas. Each additional state is $100.

You must be a member of the American Society for Pharmacy Law to be included on the Attorney Referral Service Listing. If you are not a member join now. You will be able to sign up for the Attorney Referral Service at the same time you join ASPL.

If you are already an ASPL member and wish to sign up for the Attorney Referral Service at this time, contact the ASPL Administrative offices at 217-529-6948 or by email at [email protected].

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