Joseph L. Fink III Founders AwardFink Founders Award


The American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL) is accepting nominations for the Joseph L. Fink, III, Founders Award. The Founders Award was established in 2004 to recognize sustained and outstanding service and contributions to the professions of pharmacy and law. The award is named for Joseph L. Fink, III, who founded ASPL in 1974 and served as the Society’s first president.

Any ASPL member may nominate a person for the Award. The nominee need not be a current ASPL member. The Award may be awarded annually, but if no person nominated meets the criteria, the award will not be given.

The award consists of a perpetual plaque kept in the ASPL office with the names of each of the past recipients, as well as an individual award for the recipient.

The award will be presented at the ASPL Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the ASPL Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar which is held in the fall of each year.

To nominate an individual for the award, please submit a nomination form and all supporting documentation* to ASPL by June 30, 2024.

*Documentation will include nominee’s current curriculum vitae or resume and no more than three (3) letters of recommendation outlining nominee’s contributions and service to the professions of pharmacy and law.

Recipients of the Joseph L. Fink III Founders Award

2022 - David Brushwood

2022 - Bill Stilling

2020 - Carmen Catizone

2019 - Michael A. Moné

2017 - Edward D. Rickert

2015 - Gary G. Cacciatore

2012 - William E. Fassett

2011 - Norman A. Campbell
2010 - Kenneth R. Baker
2009 - Jesse C. Vivian
2008 - William L. Markus
2008 - David R. Work
2006 - Joseph G. Valentino
2004 - Joseph L. Fink III