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Latest News

January 11, 2021


Wisconsin pharmacist and conspiracy theorist identified after destruction of COVID-19 vaccine
On January 4, the Associated Press identified pharmacist Steven Brandenburg from Grafton, Wisconsin, as the pharmacist who caused the adulteration of hundreds of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine while working at Advocate Aurora Health. According to its reporting, Brandenburg was arrested by Grafton police, and the Ozaukee County District Attorney said during his charging hearing that Brandenburg had formed an opinion that the vaccine could alter patients’ DNA. A probable cause statement issued by a police detective cited Brandenburg as “an admitted conspiracy theorist.” The DA noted that Brandenburg was also in the midst of a divorce, and that a fellow employee at Aurora had reported Brandenburg bringing a gun to work. [Richmond T.  Prosecutor: Wisconsin pharmacist thought vaccine was unsafe. AP; 2021 Jan 5;]

DOJ charges 2 owners of NY pharmacies in $30 million COVID-19 health care fraud and money laundering scheme
On December 21, the USAO for E.D. N.Y. unsealed an indictment naming 2 owners of over a dozen pharmacies in New York and Long Island with money laundering and health care fraud totaling $30 million. According to the indictment, the pharmacies exploited emergency codes and edits available due to the pandemic in the Medicare claims system to submit fraudulent claims for anticancer drugs that were never dispensed, nor ordered by authorized prescribers. An acting assistant AG stated that “these defendants allegedly lined their own pockets by exploiting Medicare flexibilities that were designed to ensure that patients obtained access to needed medications during the COVID-19 crisis.” [USDOJ, USAO, E.D. N.Y. News. Two owners of New York pharmacies charged in $30 million Covid-19 health care fraud and money laundering scheme. 21 Dec 2020;]

Maryland attorneys indicted for allegedly conspiring to block a federal investigation into money laundering involving a marijuana enterprise
On December 18, the USAO for the District of Maryland announced a superseding indictment charging 2 Baltimore defense attorneys with conspiracy to create false documents and records, and to obstruct an official proceeding in order to protect members of the conspiracy who were under federal investigations, including attorney Kenneth Ravenell. Named in the indictment were attorneys Joshua Treem and Sean Gordon. The underlying investigations were related to charges against Ravenell for his alleged participation in the affairs of a marijuana trafficking organization. [DOJ, USAO D. Md. News. Federal superseding indictment charges two Baltimore defense attorneys and private investigator for conspiracy to create false records in a federal investigation and to obstruct official proceedings. 2020 Dec 18;]