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As we all work to navigate the impact of COVID-19 on the health care sector and how care is delivered, ASPL wants to ensure our members have access to valuable resources to help you manage guidance being issued related to this pandemic.  If your organization has resources it would like to share, please forward the information to [email protected].

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Latest News

October 20, 2020

Scammers continue to attempt to impersonate state pharmacy board investigators

In September, NABP issued an alert that pharmacists were being scammed by individuals impersonating state pharmacy board investigators or inspectors. The scammers typically inform the pharmacist that their license is under investigation, and that “the licensee will face disciplinary action, a revoked license, or arrest if they do not immediately pay a fine over the phone.” The spammers often spoof the phone number used to contact the pharmacist, making it appear as if it is from a legitimate source. [Carter L. NABP warns licensees to be aware of scam phone calls impersonating state board of pharmacy inspectors and investigators. Mount Prospect, IL: NABP, 2020 Sep 2]

On October 20, the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy sent an email to all licensed pharmacists in the state advising them of scam calls in Kentucky as recently as October 15. The email recited 2 recent examples submitted by Kentucky licensees, neither of whom acted on the scams but investigated them further with the Board. [Kentucky Board of Pharmacy. Scam Phone Calls Impersonating Board of Pharmacy Inspectors and Investigators. E-mail to all Kentucky licensed pharmacists, 2020 Oct 20.]

Pharmacists and technicians should recognize that no official disciplinary agency, whether state or federal, ever notifies licensees of investigations via telephone calls, let alone demanding payment of a fine in lieu of further investigation.